SeekWell helps data teams write SQL faster and automate dashboards in Google Sheets.
Automate reports in Google Sheets
Set up scheduled reports to run daily, hourly, or every five minutes
New Schedule
Repeat Every
Cancel Save
Run SQL on a regular interval and send the results to Google Sheets. You can also set up Slack alerts for key events (e.g. a new user signed up).
Seek Assistant
Write code 10x faster
SeekWell uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to surface relevant code, tables, and columns.
No Training or Setup
Tightly integrated
Set up schedules in minutes and send reports to Google Sheets & Slack. No additional training, cost, or management of new software.
Code Repository
Share your code
Your repository is shared across your team so you can find relevant code others have written and define metrics consistently
Need a hand?
In-app support from the people that built the product and can solve your problem. We're here to help when you need it.
Install the add-on or download the desktop app
Free 14 day trial, no credit card required
Frequently Asked Questions
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Where can I see my scheduled queries?
How do I connect Slack?
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