Modern SQL client, tightly integrated with Google Sheets

  • MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, SQL Server and Snowflake
  • Personal SQL code repository
  • Team collaboration in Sheets


$49 per month

Best for a single analyst refreshing reports in Sheets

Everything in Basic and…

  • Automated data refreshes daily, hourly or every 5 minutes
  • SQL code repository to surface relevant SQL snippets
  • Slack alerts


$49 per month
+ $19 per additional user

Best for teams up to 25

Everything in Pro and…

  • Shared, searchable SQL code repository across the team
  • SQL code rating system to surface the most useful queries


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For multi-team orgs or teams of 25+

Everything in Team and…

  • Different database permissions for various teams
  • Searchable SQL repositories and code rating systems shared across teams
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